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FT-IR 4000/6000 Series Spectrometers

With over fifty years of experience in infrared spectroscopy, JASCO offers a series of advanced FT-IR instruments and sampling accessories. JASCO provides the most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high performance research systems plus specially optimized dedicated systems for advanced technology applications such as measuring film thickness and CVD in-situ monitoring for semiconductor research.

The JASCO FT/IR-4000 and FT/IR-6000 Series redefine the application of this powerful, easy-to-use technique. Each compact model offers reliable operation with the highest signal-to-noise ratio in the industry. Featuring a highly stable interferometer and AccuTrac™ DSP technology enabling rapid and accurate tracking of mirror position and velocity for optimum signal-to-noise performance.

Click here to view the FT-IR 4000/6000 Series brochure.

The FT/IR-4000 Series
The JASCO FT/IR-4100 and FT/IR-4200 were designed to provide operational features and sensitivity levels found only in more expensive instruments. The innovative technology incorporated in these instruments results in exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio specifications. Both models offer exceptional flexibility and can be easily upgraded to meet new requirements. Optional expandability includes microanalysis with an IR microscope, IR imaging with a multichannel microscope, and the rapid scan option. The JASCO Quick Start System enables users of all experience levels to measure samples and perform data processing functions quickly and easily with a simple push of a button.


• Max resolution: 0.9 cm-1
• S/N ratio: 22,000:1

The FT/IR-4100 offers the most cost effective choice for a variety of IR applications. It is rugged and reliable with all of the features required in a general purpose instrument.

• Max resolution: 0.5 cm-1
• S/N ratio: 30,000:1

The FT/IR-4200 offers excellent resolution and sensitivity levels to accommodate a variety of complex IR demands. It is suitable for research, development, and quality control applications where high levels of accuracy and precision are required. The FT/IR-4200 can be used for the measurement of any type of infrared sample.

Click here to view the FT-IR 4000 Series specifications.

The FT-IR-6000 Series

The JASCO FT/IR-6100, FT/IR-6200, and FT/IR-6300 offer the absolute highest level of performance in the industry with the highest signal-to-noise specifications. Designed for a wide range of critical research and development applications, each model is capable of measuring from the Near IR (15,000 cm-1) to the Far IR (50 cm-1). The FT/IR-6300 is equipped with gold optical surfaces for more efficient FT-Raman analysis and rapid scan capability as standard. Step scan, high resolution, and full vacuum options are available for all models.

• Max resolution: 0.5 cm-1
• S/N ratio: 42,000:1

The FT/IR-6100 provides a high level of functionality and high accuracy measurement capability at a reasonable price.

• Max resolution: 0. 25 cm-1
• S/N ratio: 45,000:1

The FT/IR-6200, with a higher level of resolution offers an excellent choice for gas analysis and other critical applications such as measurement of impurities in semiconductor processing.

• Max resolution: 0.07 cm-1
• S/N ratio: 50,000:1

The FT/IR-6300 features the highest resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio in the industry. The gold coated optical surfaces provides higher throughput in the Near-IR region and enables expansion to FT-Raman measurement. The FT/IR-6300 includes the Rapid Scan (20 Hz) feature as standard for tracking high speed chemical reactions and other processes

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